Travel Subsidy

Travel subsidies are available to Canadian CSChE Undergraduate Student Members attending the 68th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference. The subsidy is up to a maximum $.03/km per student one way as the crow flies (a straight line drawn between Toronto and the university attended). Students must be attending a Canadian university more than 100 km from the conference site to be eligible. The chart below shows the maximum amount that each student may receive. The final amount may differ depending upon the total number of students attending the conference and the distance each student traveled.

*In order to receive the travel subsidy, you must:

  • register as an undergraduate student at the conference prior to the early registration deadline;
  • be an undergraduate student member of the CSChE and
  • be an undergraduate student in a chemical engineering program at a Canadian University.

Student Chapters are also required to send an email to by November 1, 2018 providing the names of the participants that are entitled to a subsidy, who the cheque should be made out to (Student Chapter or Department) and the address the cheque is to be sent to. This will ensure that the subsidy cheques get out quickly following the conference.

University Travel subsidy per student ($0.03/km)
Dalhousie University $39.12
École Polytechnique $15.89
Lakehead University $28.12
Laurentian University $11.00
McGill University $15.89
McMaster University $0.00
Memorial University $ 63.57
Queen's University $7.34
Royal Military College $7.34
Ryerson University $0.00
Université de Sherbrooke $19.56
Université du Québec à Trois Rivières $18.34
Université Laval $22.01
University of Alberta $80.69
University of British Columbia $100.25
University of Calgary $80.69
University of New Brunswick $31.79
University of Ottawa $11.00
University of Saskatchewan $66.02
University of Toronto $0.00
University of Waterloo $0.00
Western University $4.89