Industry – Graduate Student Speed Networking

Monday, October 29, 2018
Sheraton BnB Restaurant

This event will provide chemical engineering graduate students with an opportunity to meet people currently working in related industries, expand their networks, and learn about potential career paths. Industry representatives are welcome to recruit graduating students but it is not required for this event.

The event will consist of 2 parts: 1) Speed Networking Sessions and 2) Informal Networking.

In the speed networking sessions, groups of 4-5 grad students will be rotating through 5 pre-assigned industry representatives in 10-minute sessions. Students will briefly introduce themselves then industry representatives will briefly (1-2 minutes) introduce themselves, their organization, and their role. Students can use the remaining time to ask any questions they have and industry representatives are encouraged to hand out business cards to each student. The informal networking session will happen directly after the speed networking session, where students and industry representatives can mingle freely, follow up with people they have met, or talk to those they did not get a chance to speak to yet.


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Participating Representatives

Michael Blain, Associated Engineering

Bio pending.

Jeff Cobbledick, Hatch

Jeff Cobbledick is a Process Engineer-in-training with the Industrial Water Group. He has a Master’s Degree and BSc in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University. Cobbledick has four years of research and water process engineering experience with areas of focus including flocculation, flocculant/process optimization, solid-liquid separation techniques, biological processes, membrane treatment, precipitation, and high-throughput testing. At Hatch, he has worked on various projects ranging from FEL 1 conceptual studies, to brownfield optimization projects including test work and/or piloting, and FEL 4 execution and commissioning projects. He has extensive experience with the Hatch Mobile Water Lab Kit and was involved with development of several key pieces. Recent projects include a Demineralized Water system as well as a Chromium Treatment Plant for US Steel - Gary Works which were both executed from a FEL 2 trade-off study through to FEL 4 execution. As well as, the proof-of-concept, design, piloting, and commissioning of a novel thiosulfate oxidation reactor for Lundin Eagle Mine's WWTP along with the design and commissioning for an expansion of their reverse osmosis treatment system.

Hayley Hung, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Hayley Hung is a Senior Research Scientist of the Air Quality Research Division of Environment and Climate Change Canada. She studies the temporal and spatial trends, sources and transport pathways of atmospheric organic contaminants to the Arctic, the Great Lakes and other ecologically sensitive environments. She also investigates the impact of climate change and variations on the cycling of environmental pollutants.  She is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Canada (PhD Chemical Engineering/ Environmental Collaborative Program) under the supervision of Professor Don Mackay.  She leads the long-term air monitoring programs for persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and chemicals of emerging concern in the Canadian Arctic and the Great Lakes Basin.  Hung is Canada’s Key National Expert (KNE) of the Arctic Council’s Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) POPs Expert Committee.  She is the lead and co-author of over 65 peer-reviewed scientific publications and is a chapter lead in numerous international assessments on POPs and emerging chemicals of concern, including the UNEP Stockholm Convention on POPs Global Monitoring Plan First and Second Reports.

Pratish Gawand, Ardra

Pratish Gawand is co-founder of Ardra Inc., a synthetic biology company based in JLABS, Toronto. Ardra focuses on production of natural ingredient using advanced fermentation processes. Gawand is responsible for business development as well as fundraising for Ardra. He secured seed funding for Ardra from the SOSVentures, MaRS Innovation and Novatio Ventures. His previous experience includes his role as a Development Scientist at India’s largest biotechnology company Biocon Ltd., where he was responsible for fermentation scale-up of pharmaceutical molecules.  Gawand has been part of several Entrepreneurship training programs including the IndieBio in San Francisco. Gawand did his B. Tech and M. Tech at ICT, Mumbai followed by PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto.

Steven Loo-Yong-Kee, Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine

Steven Loo-Yong-Kee is a senior development associate at CCRM, a Canadian not-for-profit organization supporting the development of foundational technologies for commercializing cell and gene therapies. His current focus is on technical projects to improve manufacturing and accelerate commercialization of viral vectors and immunotherapies. Prior to joining CCRM, he spent a year developing an onsite sanitation system that collects, disinfects, and recovers valuable nutrients from human waste streams for developing countries as part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Reinvent the Toilet Challenge at the University of Toronto. He completed a BASc in chemical engineering at the University of Waterloo, and a MEng in bioprocessing (focus on the scale-up of protein production) at the University of Toronto.

Robert Molino, SCION Instruments Canada Limited

Robert Molino has twenty years sales experience with segment leaders including Varian Inc., QIAGEN, Bruker Ltd. and SCION Instruments. He held many positions including sales representative, product specialist, sales manager and business owner. Through the years, Molino has sold equipment, products and services to industry, government and academic customers. Molino is passionate about sales and helping businesses improve their performance.